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Lawn & Short Mat Bowling in North Devon

Braunton Bowling Club

The ditch line is counted as part of the ditch. If any part of a non toucher is over this line then it’s removed. If the bowl is a toucher then it is still in play & can be moved by another bowl. If a toucher is completely in the ditch area ( ie no part of the bowl is in the live area then it’s position is marked with a chalk circle & can only be moved by another toucher, if it is moved by a non toucher then it’s returned to its’ original position. The same criteria applies to the jack.

Minimum delivery line.

A delivered bowl must completely travel beyond this line

The Mat is placed here,the player takes his stance, 1 foot must be over the mat at the point of delivery.

The players’ leading foot must not intersect these lines at the point of delivery.

The Jack is placed anywhere along this line at the players discretion.

If a bowl makes contact with the floor or the Fender it’s declared dead & removed with the exception of a toucher which can make contact with Fender.


The Block, if touched by a delivered Bowl that bowl is removed & the block reset ( You will learn to hate this piece of wood)

This is an example of a bowl delivered from the centre of the mat