Braunton Bowling Club

Lawn & Short Mat Bowling in North Devon

SHORTMAT Rink Request Form.

Maximum 2  players from 1 household

If you wish to play exclusively with 1 person or

a group add "Exclusive" after your partners  name.

Each day split into 3 Sessions of 90 minute slots.

Now that Triples are allowed please take extra Covid precautions.

Regulations via Link on Bookings Page.

You will be entered into the first free 90 min slot of the Day & Session you selected.

Slots ordered by email arrival timing. Partially populated slots will be filled with singletons/pairs  etc as appropriate.

One person who can open the club house & operate the alarm is required for each session.This may mean a session cannot be run if such a player isn't available. If you are a keyholder please also select that option. Entries are uploaded to the Website nightly (usually).

If oversubscribed your entry will be carried forward to the same day & session on the next week.

If you can't attend use the cancellation page.


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